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Friday, August 17, 2012

08.17.12 - My favorite time of year :)

Lately, during my lunch breaks, I haven't been napping. I usually nap right after I eat and my naps take about 10 minutes. Anyway, I don't know what's been going on with my sleeping habits lately... Basically, I can't sleep. Even at home. I can't take naps either.

Actually, today was the first (last night??? whatever) time I slept in 3 days. -_-; But more on that later!

So, because I have so much time left in my lunchbreak, I've been playing games on my phone. 

I love the DELICIOUS EMILY series (EMILY DELICIOUS?). So far, there's only two games and of course these are time management games. I finally beat TURBO SUBS...

This is the first game out of the two. I've played this 4 times already. This time, I'm playing on the hard level. Let me say it IS more difficult! 

 Here's a screenshot I did of the third level (?). This level is my favorite one because it's so cute ;D It's a candy shop. This screenshot is when the level first starts (you can obviously see that by the big $0 up in the top right hand corner :P)

I wish they made more of these games. I even like the storyline. They're really cute. That old man you see on the lower left, he's so grouchy ;P~

I was talking about cameras in my previous post and I ended up getting the Panasonic DMC-SZ7 at Target. They didn't sell it in my store ;( So sad. I wish they did cuz I'd get a discount LOL. I had to pay half with my Target CC though... 

I must say I really like this. Oh, the photo of the pic I took of the camera was from my phone. I used Instagram but I didn't tweak the image LOL. 

Like I said, I really like this camera. So much that I'm thinking I might even sell my SLR. This captures swatches beautifully! I should do a test post (in a different blog entry). The flash isn't overly powerful like my previous camera. The only thing that's worse than the previous camera is the megapixels. 

The Samsung ST76 has 16 megapixels, while this Panasonic DMC-SZ7 has 14. It doesn't really matter. The Panasonic one has an amazing MACRO zoom!!!! LOOOVE! lol!

Lost my train of thought -_-; I hate that lol!

My favorite time of year is when it's almost back to school and all school supplies are on sale. I LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING!

I'm a total stationery freak! >_< b

I've always had great fun when we went school supply shopping.

Since I don't go to school, I didn't buy a lot. I just bought two notebooks (as you see) and a mini binder. I don't know why the binder looks ginormous. It's actually a half-sized binder.

BTW, I used the Panasonic camera for this photo and the ones after. 

The mini binder is used for my i+t stuff. I put my "recipes" in there. I also have them typed up. But I like having them on hand too. 

The notebooks aren't even for me LOL. They're for my dad. He uses them for his work, but I had fun buying them ;P!

And of course, DAYQUIL. I don't think I was sick in my previous post but I am now. :/ I've caught a summer cold. I blame one of my co-workers. He's been sick and going to work (well...working half the days) and I have a weak immune system so I get sick really easily. I wasn't surprised when I started getting sick. I'm not a NYQUIL fan... I don't like the taste and I don't like the fact that it makes you pass out. I know a lot of people like that it makes you sleep... but I really don't.

Oh, remember I was talking about my sleeping problems? I took some Chinese cold medicine and that makes you drowsy (not as bad as NYQUIL) and that's why I slept last night. YAY! I'll probably be taking that all day today -_-;

It's so weird to have a day off on Friday. My schedule next week is the same as this week. :/ Which is weird LOL. 

 I've been trying to use my planner more often. The planner I have is a life planner by erin condren. -_-; Those things are EXPENSIVE! Luckily, mine was cheaper because I got it halfway through the year.

I like the set up of the planner. Don't particularly like the size. It's ginormous.

 I don't really color code. I used to, in my other planners. I only used different colored pens for entries so I could distinguish between different entries. 

Here's a closer look at it. As you can see, I've been wanting to blog more. And as you can see, I'm behind because I've been sick. ;__; 

As much as I like the set up of the planner, I definitely don't think I'll be repurchasing. Mainly for one reason. This year, I plan on making my own. I've already sketched out a few set up ideas. Plus, this planner is really expensive :/ Might as well get a Filofax or something. Yeesh. Plus, I like the Moleskine ones better. Sure this is more colorful and such but... I don't know. I just don't think it's worth that much money. (I don't mention the price because I don't remember how much I paid and it's a different price from the ones they have now). 

Well, my meds are kicking in and it's making me want to sleep.

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