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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

09.04.12 - Last minute trip to SF

I was completely FREE on Sunday. I didn't want to stay home or anything... so a few days before Sunday, I texted my friends to see if they wanted to go to San Francisco to hang out.

Since it was a last minute thing, one of them had other plans... but I got to hang out with Betsy :)

She was supposed to pick me up at 8am. I had a closing shift the night before and couldn't sleep very well [somehow that always happens! :P]. Woke up at 6 am and I was like "what!? It's not like I'm going to work! I can wake up at 7am!". But, once I wake up, I can't go back to sleep. So I just got up and took a shower.

When I was done with my shower, I got a text from Betsy saying she overslept (:P) so she'd probably get here at 9am. 

I decided to take that time doing some QUICK errands. Quick errands = going to the bank and taking some cash out [so I don't spend that much money RAWR] and buying some snacks/food for our trip to and from. 

Went home and waited... I didn't have to wait long. She arrived 15 minutes later. Lol.

I hadn't seen Betsy in like a year(?). So we were catching up in the car, which is kind of funny because we hadn't decided on where we were going yet ;D So, we were just driving and talking and when we got to the Bay Bridge was when we realized we didn't have a destination yet! Lol

 The weather report had said it was going to be 75 degrees. Which is quite shocking since it's almost always 60 degrees. Once we got to the Bay Bridge, there was a ton of thick fog. No surprise there ;P

We decided to head off downtown. Betsy wanted to go to H&M and Rasputin. We tried finding parking...and we tried to do it in areas we knew. But street after street "NO LEFT TURN!!!" -_-; We drove into the Castro District which I had honestly never been in....and turned on my MAPS on my iPhone as we were lost.

We decided to just head to Japantown and do what we normally do. Park in their parking garage (as their parking is cheap) and take the bus downtown. First, we rushed off to the bathroom :P as we were sitting in the car and getting lost for 2 hours and full of water LOL.

Then, we headed downtown. The first place we went to was H&M and since nothing can fit me :D I just waited patiently while Betsy shopped. She bought two shirts.

We headed off to Rasputin, a place that she had been dying to check out for the longest time. It's a used & new DVD/VHS/MUSIC store. 

I really liked their selection of music. Usually, the stuff I like is not in stores and I have to order online or whatever. But they were all there!

These are the CDs I purchased from Rasputin. No, I've never heard of them before. It was a random purchase. 
(L) Dawn Desire: Dancing, Dreaming, Longing...
(R) Sarah Jezebel Deva: A Sign of Sublime

They were both in the NEW AGE section. I've only heard a few songs from each and Sarah Jezebel Deva definitely does NOT sound NEW AGE :P

We decided to go back to Japantown right after and tried catching the bus... but the bus stop that's usually there was moved a few blocks down [thanks to the bus driver who didn't stop to pick us up and pointed behind us] because of construction.

Once we headed to Japantown, we decided to go eat first. But Betsy saw that Ichibankan was RIGHT THERE, we ended up going there first. I just bought some cookies and some tupperware (nothing interesting) :P

We headed off to KUSHI NURU (I believe that's the name), which is our usual place. We somehow ALWAYS end up going there, even if I'm with different people! Lol! And I'm not the one that'll say "Hey lets go there!" ^_^;;;

 Here's my cute little bowl of miso soup. I like their miso... BUT it's a little too salty. I wish they would tone it down just a bit!

 Here's Betsy making weird faces at me while she waits for her miso to cool down. 


 First sip and it's a goodie :P

 We ordered an appetizer which was fried eggplant with sesame seeds and some sort of sauce. Here's Betsy reaching for it...

 Nom nom! It was good!

We were STARVING and even though we just had the appetizer, it wasn't much and we were impatiently waiting for the food :P

 My food came out first. I ordered a Curry Vegetable Croquette over rice. When they said Croquette, I thought it was PLURAL! This was good but wasn't filling at all, as I got hungry two hours later >_<

I don't like eating in front of others when THEIR food hasn't arrived yet. Betsy kept insisting that I eat since we were both super duper starving. Our tummies were making loud grumbly noises!

20 minutes later... we were still waiting for her food. :/ I had taken a few bites of mine already. 

She had to flag down a waiter (I admit, it was busy!) and have them check on her food. About 5 minutes later, they came out with her food. 
 The sad face of Bex getting her food late. Lol, I couldn't take pix of her food cuz she scarfed it down before I could whip out my camera. 

We wandered around the mall, went to our usual places. I wanted to go there mainly to get DECO TAPE. But the stores were seriously LACKING in that area :/ I did buy something else [photos later on]. After heading off to the stationery stores and the Kinokuniya Bookstore, I suggested we do our traditional purikura! [I still need to scan these, so they won't be in this post].

We only did two. We usually do all the machines. Lol! But, I think we were still in food coma and just wanted to relax.

The last place we went to in Japantown was DAISO. I bought a bunch of things and so did Bex.

Since we were still early... (it was like 530 pm), we wanted to head off somewhere. We usually go to the beach afterwards but we both didn't feel like trudging in the sand. So, I suggested we go to Sutro Baths via the handy dandy iPhone. While heading that way...there was some MAJOR traffic :/ So we decided to go to Golden Gate Park, but again... MAJOR traffic. *sigh* So , I told her I was hungry again. LOL!

I suggested we go on the Golden Gate Bridge and go to San Rafael. When I was in high school, we had a restaurant there. I told her there were a bunch of nice restaurants there (from what I remembered). We drove through San Rafael...and forgetting it was Sunday and around 8pm... we couldn't find anything open. 

But, I noticed that our old restaurant had the same name! and same paint job and re-model and everything that my dad did to it many years ago! ^_^; It was just so weird.

Finally, we just decided to head on home.

 Here we are around Sausilito. Look at that FOG!!!!

MORE FOG in Sausilito!

 As we approached Vacaville, we both decided that our hunger couldn't wait any more! We got off Monte Vista (or whatever it was called that you go to go to the Vacaville Premium Outlets) and headed to Applebee's.

We ordered some food, we did their 2 for $20 special. Good thing too. Lol! We both didn't want to spend too much money, though amazingly, the whole day we didn't spend that much money! :)

We must have a sign that says "BRING OUR FOOD LATE!!!" at our tables or something because our food was super late. The waiter had to go check to see what was going on. It turned out they were out of one of the key ingredients for one of my items. And they were just dillydallying about not knowing what to do. 

When the waiter went to see what was up, the cook came out and apologized >_< and asked if I'd like a substitution. I said it's okay. Our food came out after that, within 2 minutes.

By the time I got home, it was 1130. By the time Bex got was midnight. :/ Wow! LONG DAY!

Anyway, here's the stuff that I bought. Some isn't even for me!
 I got these cute accessory thingies at this cute accessory store in Japantown. 

 I really wanted bow earrings... ^_^; These are black!

 I saw this keychain and I fell in love with it! I'm going to stick it on whichever bag I'll be using.

This keychain is a birthday present for my co-worker. Her birthday's coming up and she's always helping me with things... so I thought I'd get her a little gift.

 Omg, what's in here!? 

 Wait! Does that overly cute packaging say it's from Kinokuniya Bookstore?

 Why, yes it is! I've been looking for these two shades for FOREVER! They're always out of stock. I never realized how much I used this shade! This is R59 (Cardinal) and R89 (Dark Red). I use R89 the most!

 At the stationery store, there was this super duper cute Alice wallet. But it was $22!!! That's too expensive for that... Totally not worth it. But I really wanted it. LOL! Even the cashier was like "You didn't want the wallet!?!?"

I noticed that the store doesn't have a lot of their items any more. DECO TAPE was out. 50% of their stickers are missing! :( I planned on getting stickers! But now they have a wall of POPULAR character stickers only :/

Anyway, that didn't stop me from getting this adorable stationery pads. 
I got two of these stampers (as you can see).... 
 Here's a close-up of the stampers...

 I got these stickers too...
Designs of the stickers.

 The items after this photo are all from DAISO. This is a cute strawberry vinyl pouch. 

 This is the back? (or front?) of the pouch.

 The main things I got were these plastic baggies. I got two each (as you'll see below). 

I plan on using these to package up my orders. 

This one is a zippy bag. It's pretty cool. I wish they had a smaller one. They DO have a bigger one though. 

 Here's some dimensions about that baggie. 

Those are all the baggie designs I got. 

Well I'm getting sleepy. So sleepy that I'm not making any sense! :P

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