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Sunday, September 9, 2012

09.09.12 - Updates and junk?

As of last Thursday, I'm the only Linda in our store. It's quite strange...since there's always another Linda. And this Linda is in the same department as me and has been there only a month before me. Well, she's gone now (got fired). 

Now, I won't hear the "Hi LindaS" or the different nicknames we get "Asian Linda" (that's me) or "White Linda" (that's her). etc. And since she does all the hiring... it'll fall back into my hands since I'm the backup person since I was the one who hired for our store before her. 

And I must say... her desk is a MESS! Her NOT organized! I couldn't find ANYTHING! Last week we had one new hire, next week there might be two. Ahh... I don't know. I was looking for all the paperwork and it took me FOREVER to find everything to make new hire packets. *sigh*

Next week (tomorrow), we have a new hire again. But my schedule was changed because of another supervisor who told my manager I wanted to close instead of having a mid-shift. It's true but if he puts me at mid-shift then I'll accept it. 

Anyway, he changed my schedule (what he thought he was going to do) because he wanted me to do all the new hire training but because of that supervisor... he had to change it. Because of that, my manager asked J to see if she could do the training. She's the only other person that has experience in training new hires. But she only did it for 6 months (I did it for 2 years). She doesn't like it and she doesn't remember how to do it. -_-;

So the problem was...calling the new hires to see what time they were supposed to come in. I didn't know when to schedule them. :/ But after contemplating for awhile... I just stuck to what we did last week, even if I couldn't be there.

That's all the work stuff (so far). 

The parents have been away for 3 weeks now. (They're coming back to get things) My brother said that they might come back (fully) in October. I guess they're not done fixing that house they're working on. 

Anyway, ... the first day that they were fully gone... I went to take some photos with my camera at the nearby park :P As I was doing that... My aunt, who was out on a walk, saw me and joined me. We chatted and stuff... Anyway... here we go! The photos!

That week, our front yard was blooming with roses! We don't have bushes (yet) just a few sprouts here and there.

I was testing out the macro... so far I think it's pretty amazing :)

Some more little flowers in our front yard...

Here's a rose that's dying

I just watered these...

Here's the nearby park. I like how the grass looks (am I weird? Lol)

That's why I took a closeup of the grass ^_^;

Still at the park...

More grass

I was listening to my iPod as I was taking photos and going on my walk.... Lol, you can see my reflection ;D

At the man-made lake. This is where my aunt found me.

Anyways! More things I found on my camera.
Amanda of Less than 3 Lacquer had a major sale on her nail polishes! So, I bought them O_o; I love them! ^_^;

Last week, when I was washing my car, I spotted this spider (people say it's a Black Widow) spinning it's prey into a web. Used my Panasonic camera again. I'm really getting a LOT of use out of this camera. There's only ONE photo I need to test out before I can decide on selling my SLR. But so good.

These two amazingly beautiful sky photos were taken a few days ago when the weather was getting bipolar.  -__-; The day after this photo was taken, we had a thunder/lightning storm.

I'm kind of sad that that 3 weeks that they've been away I hadn't really gone anywhere. The only place I went to was San Francisco (read previous post). But... I wasn't in the mood. Or I was always thinking "oh, on my day off I'll go _____". But I end up not...

Last week, I had 3 days off. One was a paid day off. I was wondering what I should do. I was thinking of going to the mall just to walk around... but I ended up ONLY getting my hair chopped off and that's it -_-; The other days, I did regular chores and errands. But that Wednesday was supposed to be my day. I wanted to watch a movie but there was nothing out I wanted to see... and etc. I guess that's why I just decided to stay home.

I decided to go to the local Farmer's Market today, so I had to wake up super early (for me it's early :P). Usually, my aunt would want to go because her family doesn't take her places :/ So she'd be up for it. At around 830 AM, I called her to see if she wanted to go. She said "No" because she was on her way to San Francisco with my uncle. -_-;

Bah! Lol! I stayed home a little longer, then at 1030 am, I headed out....To make a long story short: I got lost 3 times and by the time I got was closed. I wanted to go because we were out of vegetables :( So, I went to the nearby Asian Market and got some veggies. Sad, cuz it was more expensive...

I dunno. I went home and stuck them in the fridge... but I wanted to go buy something for some reason. So, I went to ULTA and ended up getting a Stila eyeshadow palette. I didn't know they were having their 21 (?) days of summer sale. So if you buy a certain amount from a certain brand, you get some sort of gift with purchase. Apparently, I was supposed to get a Stila freebie, but they ran out and they gave me a UDPP instead. I think I have like 10 of these (exaggeration, of course). I don't even need to buy any more UDPP! :P

Well... I guess that's it. I should try and blog more but... I dunno... Sometimes I feel in the mood to do it and other times I'm like "What!? I have a blog!?!?"

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