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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12.23.12 - How am I sick?

Well, feeling worse today. I don't think I really noticed yesterday because I was busy running around. 

My brother and non-crazy grandma are also sick (in San Francisco). My dad is always saying things like "You're so young, why are you sick all the time? You must've eaten something!" I thought i was the only one they said that to but when my brother got sick, they said the same thing to him.

No, it's nothing I ate >_>; It's because we work in the public. I see over 100 customers a day. My brother, I think he sees less than how many customers I see, but he still works in the public too. 

So, RAWR on them! RAWR!

I'm thinking of starting up my journal (paper) again. I miss writing things out. 

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