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Sunday, January 20, 2013

01.20.13 - Stationery obsessions...

*sigh* This cough is never leaving. >_>; 

Anyway! I was bored one day and finally decided to go on YouTube and watch my subscriptions. Lol. One of the people I subscribed to just got a Filofax. And I had been wanting a Filofax for awhile. This was before I got my stupidly cute planner. Anyway, the person in the video said that Filofax was having a sale of up to 60% off!!! *dies* So I whipped myself over to their site and looked around and found a few I really wanted. [BAD LINDA!!!!!] I ended up ordering one >_>; [No worries! It was on sale!!!!] I'm, impatiently, waiting for it's arrival. 

Because of me, being a stupid impulsive shopper... I started looking up more YouTube videos on the Filofax. There's a BIG community on it! Not just on YouTube, but in the blogosphere! In fact, here are two of the main ones I've found: 

Through these blogs, I've found other bloggers who are majorly loving their planners and stationery. Which has re-kindled my love affair for stationery. BAD!!! Lol! But, I'll try and not buy any more stationery (hey! try is the key word!!!). Right now, I'm reading Paper Lovestory's blog. Her blog is making me feel my planner is super inadequate. :P 

After I started reading the blogs and watching the videos, I started using my planner again. So, I thought I'd show the trainwreck that is my planner and my favorite pens:
My ADORABLE MoMoi Diary I got off of Yes Style.

 It included sticker tabs and when I got the planner, I promptly stuck them on. This makes it so much easier. The tabs are months (1 - 12) and a few blank ones. 

 This is the only blank tab I used, I use the 'Year' pages for coupon codes for i+t. Honestly, I haven't used it much because it's too small for me to write; hence the sticky note >_>;

 I started the planner in October and I made it super colorful and decorative. November - now...not so much. Lol. I'm trying to change though...

 This is the weekly view. (In fact, this current week). A lot of the things I planned, I didn't get to do because of some personal things >_>;; But it's okay. The hearts are things I've completed and X's are not. >_>; 

I also tried to color code, but I always end up changing my mind. I still haven't decided how I'm going to do it. [Color coding, I mean]. 

 I use this Little Twin Stars sticker sheet card-stock backing (lol) as a place holder. You can see that I started next week's scheduling/planning. Whenever I start, I always put in my work schedule first. Then, I fill it in daily as I go.

 The cheap gel pens I'm using. I got them at the nearby grocery store because I left my pens at home and I needed to write something (and they had to be color coded). I use these gel pens because all the other pens I've tried show on the other side of the pages of my planner :/ And since I want my planner to be colorful, ballpoint pens won't do!

The sad thing is, they do smear... but I do like how they write.

 Here's the brand of the pens..

 A few other recent pen loves...

My friend sent this pen to me in a package swap we did. I had been eyeing these pens for the longest time and was super excited to receive one in her package! *dances* ^_^ It's a pill...but...

 It's a PEN!

 A few years ago, I purchased a pack of these TUL pens from Office Max when I ran out of pens for work. [Work DOES provide pens, but they're super cheap and hardly work and are always gone] I ended up not using them for work because the point is a fine point. For work, I like using medium point pens but for personal use (letters, planners, HOME STUFF lol); I like using fine points. So I forgot about the pack of them...until a few months ago when I was searching for something in my desk and I came across my pack of pens!

I love these things! I use these pens to write on my envelopes when shipping off i+t orders or I use them to write on the blank sample baggie labels [labels I don't have actual labels for yet].

 Another i+t pen I use. This BAZIC rollerball pen, I got from work. We sell these pens at work. They usually come in 3 (red, black, and blue). Since we're not allowed to write in red... I have a few of these lying around. I always end up finishing up my pens at work...during the most INCONVENIENT times! X_x; So I have to buy the pens at work. These are the best pens I've used and with my discount, it costs $0.85 (for the 3 pack)!

So if you see any of my i+t invoices and they're written in red, it's most likely from this pen. This is the last one I have (as of now). 

As of right now, I'm trying very hard not to buy any more stationery items. I have enough pens, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes (actually I don't have a lot of these LOL), pencils, stickers, stationery, etc! So RAWR!!!! 

I could use my iPhone for my planner, but I, honestly, don't like it as much. Besides, I find it easier to remember things if I've written them down.

Anyway, I'm done for today :D Once I get my gorgeous Filofax, I'll do a post on it. *dances excitedly* YAY!

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