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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

02.12.13 - FILOFAX: Pocket Finsbury Set-Up

I've had my Filofax for about a month already. I think it's time to finally show the setup of my Finsbury. I've also decided to purchase another one (according to the tracking number, it should be here tomorrow!). I'll do a post once I've received it. 

Taa daa! My Pocket Finsbury in Antique Rose
You can kind of see my new laptop (YAY!) in the background. I love the leather to the Finsbury. It's soft and squishy (lol). I'm still not too keen on the color but, I can deal with it ^_^ I, also, love the Pocket size. Though, I wanted a Personal size too. Mostly because it seems you can find more things for a Personal size than a Pocket size.

I've tried using this as a wallet for a week like I've seen some people do but I can't seem to do it. I kind of find it an annoying way (no offence to those that like it as a wallet!!! *runs away and hides*) to hold your cards and money and such.

 The Finsbury doesn't lay flat. I hear that it won't lay flat. But, it's fine. You'll see why in a bit...

 Hello! Hello! ^_^; These are some sticky tabs, in case I need them.

 They're located in the big slot. The big slot is easy to get to, it's not stiff or anything. Btw, I said that I used this as a wallet before and as you can see I've taken everything out of it, because it just doesn't suit me. Anyway, I haven't decided what to put in the card slots yet....

 My first page is a zip-lock envelope. I notice that the 'zip' is very bulky. I don't know if I should just leave it or take it out. As of right now, I'm leaving it. It's holding a few stickers...

The flyleaf that they included, I've stuck on some sticky notes. For my more important things... I guess it would be called a Dashboard?  

Here's another view of the zip-lock envelope containing stickers...

On the back of the flyleaf, I've stuck on a sticky note (shaped like a cooked egg) that has some important notes on there.  On the right side is a "divider" I got from DAISO about 2 or 3 years ago. It's actually for sticker albums/Purikura albums. I stuck my two innocent+twisted alchemy stickers I had. 

When I first received this, I had used these sheets as dividers but they didn't hold tabs at all. So I took them out and left a few in...

The thing after the divider is a packet of stickers. I completely forgot I had these until I was looking for a pen the other day and found them wayyyy far in my desk drawer. Someone had sent me a packet of random stickers and since they were punched already, I was happy to see that they fit in the planner perfectly.

 In my previous Filofax-type entry, I posted about these dividers. As you can see, I decided to keep them.

 The next few pages are: Info sheet, important contact info, and the Filofax registration number. I stuck a magnetic bookmark to keep them together so it'll be an easy place to turn to. 

 Here's the first page I ever decorated... the information sheet... Stuck a Johnny Wander sticker on there...

 As you can see, I stuck another one of those sticker/Purikura dividers in. Then comes the Vertical Year Planner in Cotton Cream. As you see, I'm using this to keep track of my coupon codes/sales for my online store. 

 >_<; Blurry pic is blurry. 

 I've kept the Filofax calendar which has 2012-2014 dates. But I ordered different paper to use in my planner because I, absolutely, hate the Filofax paper. :(

The paper I ordered (I'll post a review soon) is from KiddyQualia on Etsy. I must say that the paper quality is EXCELLENT!!! It's thick enough that most of the pens I use to write in my planner don't bleed through, whereas almost every single pen that I use bled through Filofax-branded paper :( And, they're bright colors ^_- which I love! 

Anyway, I ordered the monthly and the weekly pages.  

 I use the monthly pages to keep track of my bills. I just got my Filofax in late January so... there wasn't much :P

 Here's February... kind of... bills bills bills...

Part of March. I used the Full Moon wo Sagashite ruler that came with that planner to keep track of where I am in the Monthly section.

 The seller asked me what colors I wanted my Monthly pages to be. I said: Blue and Fuchsia...

 Some stickers that came with my Full Moon wo Sagashite planner. 

Here's the weekly (Week on two pages) pages. I decided that I was going to write  everything flipped. Sometimes I have a lot of things to do but when I jot down the things I need to do, it's not massively long. Plus, I can write pretty narrow (it doesn't show in these photos ;P But when the time comes, I can...)

I find that the neon/bright colored gel pens show up the best on these papers....

I put the Weekly and the sack of stickers in their respective sections for a reason. This way, I can write in it easily. The stickers act as a cushion and the Weekly section is in the middle. So, it's perfect! ^_^

 This week, so far... 

Pretty bright rainbow!

 Another of the dividers from my Full Moon wo Sagashite planner...

 The section after the Weekly is notes/ideas/inspiration/things to do for my i+t store...
 For notes and such, I'm using the Filofax paper that was included and some that I purchased (before I found out I didn't like the paper.'s okay... I'll use it up first)

 This next section is for my blogs... (I have 3)

 Whoops, I left a sticky-note that needed to be thrown away. Lol. That sticky note was for things I was waiting for in the mail...

The blurry sheet you see is notes for how I want to set up my new Filofax. ^_^;;;

 On the left are the actual notes for the set-up of my new Filofax since I changed my mind on the previous page.

The right side shows ideas for one of my blogs...

On the back is a list of ideas for this blog. (Not much... Lol...)

 I also joined a Filofax group 365/30 Lists Group and I thought it was I wrote down all the questions... Maybe one day when I'm really bored, I'll do them. Lol. I know you're supposed to do them Monthly (a question a day), but... I just joined. Maybe next time I will.. ^_^;

If you can see it... this is January's list.

 This is February's list.

 The last section is my finance section. Though, truth be told... I haven't done anything with it yet. X_x; But that's because I plan on doing it in the new Filofax. (Ahh! Why can't it be here yet!??!!?)

 After the Finance sheets is another one of those dividers and a clear pocket thing which I believe came with my planner. I stuck a few sticker sheets...

 The last page is another envelope-thing that I yoinked (hehehe) out of my Korean planner. 

 This is the pen that I stuck in my pen loop. It fits. It's a cheap black gel pen. 


Yay! Well, that's all for this post. O_O; 

I can't wait to get my new Filofax!!! ;__; Why can't it be here NOW!?!??! It really is true what someone had said. Once you have need more! Though, honestly, I think the one I'm getting soon will be my last one. (No guarantees on this ^_-)

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