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Thursday, February 14, 2013

02.13.13 - Yum Yum Sushi! Metropol has arrived!

Yesterday, when I was supposed to do chores (which I ended up doing later :P); I went to lunch with my friend, April. We wanted some Japanese food and headed off to our usual place, Arigato Sushi which is about 30 minutes away (for both of us but coming from different directions). It's, also, directly next to an art supply store: Utrecht

We agreed to meet at Noon. I was the first to arrive. She arrived a few minutes later, we decided to go to Utrecht first. We spent about 30 minutes in there just browsing. Then, we declared that we were starving and headed off to eat.

 It was my first time there in the day time/afternoon. We usually go after work which is usually 10pm and later. So it's quite interesting to see how much light is in the restaurant (it's usually very dark and dim).

 I love the textured walls...

I don't know why I took a photo of lights >_>

 Probably because they look pretty cool. Lol

 The first thing that came out was a dish of Wasabi and Candied Ginger. We don't care much for the Candied Ginger and we don't use that much Wasabi...

 Lol, I took this photo to show the awesome zoom of my camera, because April asked... I don't know why the color is so washed out O_O;

 My appetizers have arrived! A salad (yum yum) and Miso Soup. I like their Miso Soup, it's very light and not very salty like other places I've tried...

 This salad was DELICIOUS!!!

 Are you drooling yet? :P

 I ordered a sushi roll. This is the Golden Gate

 Nom nom...

 April ordered a Bento Box

 Look at her enjoying her food ^_^

 I. also, ordered an Oyako-don. Nom nom nom! I haven't had these things in years! Whenever we go to Japantown in San Francisco, I always order one. (Well... I, usually, order a Katsu-don but since I've found out I'm allergic to pork... >_>;;; )

I was already full after the Miso Soup and the salad. Lol! I gave some of my sushi to April and I took two bites of my Oyako-don only to decide that I couldn't handle it any more! Lol! I took it home.

After we ate, we went back to Utrecht because April wanted to get some things. Then, we headed our separate ways. 

I had planned on going to the mall that day to get something (see below). Luckily, the mall is very close to the sushi place. 

 I'm not a huge MAC fan, but sometimes they release things I really want. >_< In this case, ths e Archie's Girls collection just came out; it's obviously based on the Betty and Veronica comics (I loved them when I was growing up!)

There were two things I really wanted and was happy to see that they were in stock...

 The eyeshadow palette in Spoiled Rich
PURPLES!!!! (and a gray :P)

 And a blush called Cream Soda

My light totally washed this color out >_>

Anyway, it was a slow day today at work. I was constantly checking my phone and checking up on the status of my Filofax being shipped... it's supposed to be delivered by today and I wanted to see if it was. I was checking my phone every 15 minutes >_>; So annoying LOL. Especially since it made time go by slower.

About an hour before I was off, I was assigned duties (usually, Supervisors don't have duties but because they've been cutting hours...) and it was my turn to push carts. Usually, you have a partner to go with you but the person that was supposed to do it with me was stuck with a customer. Oh well. I told them I'll do it but SLOWLY since I can't push that many carts at once. (I can push four at a time LOL)

Well, I haven't pushed carts in awhile and ran over my foot with 3 carts. YAY -_-; It hurt (obviously) and the weird thing was... I should've known that I was bleeding. Because the inside of my shoe started feeling sticky. I thought it was because I stepped in something and I had a hole in my shoe (hey! My shoes are old! :P) Nope nope! Found out when I got home that my toe was bleeding. No wonder it hurt! I was being called "GIMPY" for the rest of the day :P

Anyway, I completely forgot to check the status of the Filofax and once I had 15 minutes left before I clocked out, I checked and was super happy to see that it had been delivered! 

Once I clocked out, I rushed off to get it. I was so happy. 

I ended up getting the Personal Metropol in Lavender. 
Isn't she a beauty?

Size comparisons to my Pocket Finsbury... I actually thought the Personal size was a little bigger. But it's okay ^_^

Unfortunately, I can't do anything with it (at this moment). I didn't order any new pages or anything but I assumed >_>; it would at least come with Monthly sheets but no! Only Weekly (Week on two pages), some address sheets, pastel ruled paper (not a lot), TO-Do sheets, and a notepad.

All the things that I planned on using the Metropol for can't really be done since I don't have any of the refills for it. I swear it came with different things (from what I read on the site)...Oh well! I ended up ordering from KiddyQualia on Etsy again for refill sheets.

I plan on using the Metropol for more business-type things and mostly keeping track of finances. I've been trying to spend less and I thought it would help.

When I say business-type things, I mean making lists of things that need to be taken of when it comes to my online store, like supplies to order from, websites I order my supplies from, inventory tracker, tracking # list (I used to keep this in a separate notebook but I'd like it all in once place), and etc.

Well, it's getting late and I must sleep. I wonder if I'll still be limping tomorrow >_>

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