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Thursday, February 14, 2013

02.14.13 - Well that's nice >_>;

I did's a stupid. -_-;

Yesterday, I took a million (not really) photos. Luckily, some of it was already posted (in my previous entry).  Unfortunately, most of the photos (60+) were for my other blog and hadn't been posted yet since the previous post took longer [Thanks to a wonky internet connection!!!] than planned. 

While this new laptop has an SD card slot, for some reason I couldn't get it to go in and I was too frustrated and decided to use my external card reader. The external one is located in the back of my laptop (USB port is back there). I left the SD card in there overnight.

After work today, I had to check my messages (for my store) and when I flipped open the laptop, there was a loud CRUNCH sound. X_____x; Yep! My SD card was in between the hinge, so now it's broken completely in half. *sigh* 

The thing is, I don't even mind that the photos I took yesterday are gone. Those I can easily re-do (kind of....) But that SD card housed my favorite photography-type photos. Like my cactus photos and my little troll thing... ;___; Luckily I did save MOST of them on my external hard drive but there were a few I didn't get to save. Luckily, I had posted them on this blog already so it's saved somewhere in cyberspace :P

But now, I have to buy a new SD card -_-; I'll have to learn to be careful with my SD card too. Anyway, that was my awesome moment! Lol!

While it was slow, I decided to re-plan my Metropol. I was trying to see if I had any more ideas on what to use the Metropol for. I did end up having a few new ideas (compared to the previous plan for it) for it... I can't wait to use it. If I wasn't so tired and had the paper... I'd start setting it up.

I've lost my train of thought... but it's because I'm super tired. I'm going to pass out. I was up since 530AM. Oh, I need to remember to keep my phone on (sound) because my alarm clock broke, so I have to use my phone to wake me up (I don't like using the alarm on my phone). Luckily, it's a later day... so I might not even need my alarm.

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