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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

02.20.13 - Setting up Personal Metropol

 I admit, I was putting off setting up my Metropol. >_>; I had only 3 categories (big tabs), but I wanted to use all the ones that were included (6) otherwise, it would annoy me. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything after the 3 categories, those were the most important to me... 

I, also, didn't want to set it up yet for a few reasons:
#1) I ordered more paper from KiddyQualia and wanted to use it for the sub-sections in the big tabs (I think I just confused myself Lol)
#2) I couldn't figure out how to do my dividers. I didn't want to leave them plain :(

Since it was my day off today, I decided to go check out Michael's for some scrapbook paper to maybe spice up my dividers. Instead, I came away with 3 sheets of stickers (stickers are an addiction!!!) and a label maker (lol!). I, also, decided that for my dividers I want my art to be on them. But I haven't decided if I should draw directly onto the dividers or print them out...

Anyway, a few hours ago, I got bored of watching my CSI dvds (there's only so much crime drama you can take!) and decided to work on some things. I made a few logs [Keep reading...]. It took a few tries to get me to print them front and back, but I did it.

I, also, purchased gray (yep GRAY) paper and planned on using them for my i+t invoices and for the logs that I made.  I think it'll look interesting :)

After I cut them down to size, I realized that I had no hole puncher >_<; I'll probably end up getting one tomorrow.

Anyway! Then, I decided I wanted to play with my label maker. Lol! I've never used one of them before. I had to Youtube a tutorial to see how to load the tape into the labeller. (I has the smarts) I must say that labelling things is fun! I want to label more things! Lol!

Only about an hour ago was when I finally decided on the last 3 categories. >_>;  Anyway, onto the pictures! Warning! I'm still setting it up! It's not complete yet :P

When you open it a ton of crap falls out :P The sheet on top are my notes for what the categories/sub-categories are for the planner. Below that are: a receipt, stickers, and sticky notes. 

Stickers and my receipt!

Here are the labels I made for my tabs/dividers:
L-R: DIARY, I+T A (my online store), FINANCE, PSSWDS, SITES, and LISTS (there will be sub-catgetories within these main ones)

  1. DIARY - The planner came with a week on two pages (sheets) and I don't plan on using them to do any "planning". I have my Finsbury for that. Instead of throwing them away or giving them away, I'm using the pages as a "journal". Kind of. I write, daily, things that I did/what happened. No thoughts, but... just what I did. Example, today's was: Did my laundry, Waited for Dad to call me [to tell me]so I could call to set up an appointment for him, Shipped off packages, etc etc. I used to journal and I kind of miss it. But instead of writing long entries, I thought of just jotting down what happened.
  2. I+T A - Most things for my store. Example: Inventory tracker, Tracking (for shipping) # Log, etc.
  3. FINANCE (self explanatory :P)
  4. PSSWDS (self explanatory)
  5. SITES - The past 2 months, I've switched to 3 different laptops. It's such a pain to try and remember all the websites I liked from blogs, communities, etc. So, I thought I would write them down.
  6. LISTS - Mostly, wishlists ;P

 I spent a few hours working on these. I don't know if you can see them. The top one is for my store. It's a tracking number log (for shipping my orders). I've had a few people claim that they haven't received their order but I've kept a log for their tracking #. I used a separate big notebook for it but I'd like to have it all in one place. Which is why I made it :P

The second log is a Spend/Finance Log. It's funny how both Filofaxes that I ordered, I never received any finance sheets even though the description (for the Finsbury) said that it came with it. Oh well... I decided to make my own. 
 Here's kind of a closer look of the logs... (Top is the shipping log; and bottom is the Spend Log)

 This is the Spend Log

 I, also, received my order from KiddyQualia
 WHEW! So colorful! :P

This is kind of what it looks like when it's closed. 

I'm excited to start it up. Like I said, it's still not done. I plan on using the A-Z tabs/dividers for the sub-categories. I can't wait to use my label maker again! Lol! 

Whew, it's 2 AM! I'm falling asleep. Good thing I don't work tomorrow. *dances* 


  1. Wow! You're so organized! You should do this for other people as your own business. Can I hire you? LOL!
    You make me want to get organized. :-)

    1. Actually, I'm not very organized. Lol! I'm trying to be and thought that's what the Filofaxes would help me with. ^_^ (No, they're just excuses to buy more Filofaxes LOL) <---but really, I'm not organized and want to be. Especially with the my i+t store... I need to be more organized with that. My notes for my store are all over the place (pieces of scrap paper, random notebooks, etc).

      For my Finsbury my "i+t a" tab is used for ideas, while this one is more of the business-aspect.

      What am I saying? Why is this comment so long? :P I blame lack of sleep!