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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

02.26.13 - Alternate to Filofax paper...

I'm finally going to post a (quick?) review on the Kiddy Qualia paper I purchased on Etsy. 

 Most of her refills are colorful. I have come across plain white ones...but I ordered the colorful ones. 

If you've read my previous Filofax posts, you'll know that I really don't like the Filofax papers. Most of the pens I use show through on the other side. The only ones that don't are when I use ballpoint pens. 

 I like my pages to be full of color and etc. Using ballpoint pens won't cut it. I like my inks to be bold and bright. So I searched on Etsy and came across KiddyQualia's store. She makes bright, rainbow colored refills. (For Pocket, Personal, and A5 sizes). 

At that time, I only had my Pocket Finsbury.... 

It didn't take long for my order. The owner of the shop is very nice and convo'd me for some information that I left out. 

 When I received the pages, I promptly tested them out with all the pens that I use. 

 This is the other side of the page. You can barely see it.

 Colorful rainbow in my Pocket Finsbury

 I ordered the Week on 2 pages and lined paper...Here's what the Week on 2 pages look like. All the spaces are equal unlike the Filofax ones >_>;

More pages...

Anyway, I liked them so much that when I got my Personal Metropol I ordered from her again. ^_^;
 I only the Monthly sheets, ruled sheets, and graph sheets...


 Graph sheets..

 Ruled sheets...
Ruled sheets...

Yes, I love these refills. I recommend them to everyone! ^_^; 

Speaking of my Personal Metropol, I'm still working on it (very slowly). My Pocket Finsbury is mostly finished (the set-up), I'm just wondering if I should color code... *shrugs* ^_^


  1. Thank you for the review of this lovely colored paper! I think I just might make my way over and order myself some! :)

    1. Ooh yes, you should! I really love the bright paper and the thickness so that my pens don't bleed through. :) Plus, it's so colorful and not plain white ^_^ (not like there's anything wrong with that :D)