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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

03.05.13 - Insert something interesting here :P

I really suck at titles. 

A few things have happened that's quite... stressful? I haven't written about life-things in awhile. Lol, it seems my blog has become obsessed with my Filofax. ^_^;;; More of those posts to come, btw ^_^;;; Hehehe!

Is it sad that Filofax has made me happy? ^_^; Mostly because I've been decorating and filling it (well my, Metropol...). 

I used to go to work to get away from stress at home. And life at home, is very stressful. But we're not talking about home right now, I'll be talking about work. The last few weeks have been extremely stress and anxiety-filled. Everyone's scared of losing their jobs, including me. 

Last week, one of our supervisors, M, got fired. It wasn't official until yesterday. [We have to wait until our corporate office confirms it] She's the one that transferred here and got the position that I wanted/was supposed to get. Two weeks ago, she got suspended for three days for messing up and when she came back, she was late every single day that she worked. That's what got her fired because she was still on probation.

Anyway, my manager went to a few of the supervisors (he didn't go to me!!! Maybe that's a good thing???) and told them that they're doing whatever they can to fire us so try not to make any mistakes and especially, don't be late. <--That could be why he didn't tell me. I'm never late. I'm always 30 minutes early. When he told us that, all the supervisors were freaking out. I was freaking out because I make a lot of mistakes :( I try not to but sometimes when you're distracted... It happens.

I've been so stressed that I'm surprised my hair hasn't gone all white :P Also, I haven't been sleeping or eating much lately. When I eat, it feels like a brick in my stomach. So I just have a few bites and yeah.. that's it. Sleeping is torture. No matter how tired I am, my mind is overly active. It just won't let me sleep. 

I totally lost my train of thought. Well, the Filofax has been giving me a little happiness in life. It's strange that a planner could do that but it takes my mind off of things. I'm still trying to work on filling my Metropol

I was distracted because I'm talking to a friend on Facebook right now and he just gave me a link for the scanlation for Koe no Katachi  which is a one-shot manga that just came out in Japan's Shounen Jump and it's causing a lot of controversy because it's about bullying. 

Well... I guess that's it for this post ^_^; Since I"ve completely lost my train of thought lol. 

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