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Saturday, March 9, 2013

03.08.13 - My Planner Story

I should be studying >_>; but instead I decided to write about how I started using planners. I thought it'd be interesting to read about [for some people! I'm one of those people!!! :P] I plan on doing a post on all (most?) of the planners I've used. I've saved most of them. This will be a text post... it's late at night and I don't feel like taking photos ^_^;;;

It all started when I was a freshman in high school. I've never used planners before, I've never seen anyone (meaning my peers) using planners either. Suddenly, it's my first week of high school and my English teacher tells us that we will have a weekly planner. It wasn't store-bought or given to us but it was in the binders were were forced to keep for our class. Every Monday, he drew a table on the chalkboard and write in things that were going to happen for the week. We all had to copy it down. As the days go by, we would add to our "planner". Yep, that was my first experience with a planner. It wasn't much but... maybe it's why I fill my planner the way I do. I do the same thing now. Every Sunday, I write down all the things that need to be done and fill in each day as need be. Is that the same for you? Or do you fill it in every day?  (Just wondering! :) )

I thought it was a chore (as did most of the people in my class ;P). The next time I came across a planner was my senior year in high school. One of my classmates was the Student Body President, President of a billion clubs, etc etc etc and more! I noticed that she always carried a planner around. It wasn't a weekly planner or a Filofax but a monthly planner you can buy anywhere. I would watch her meticulously write in it every single day [she sat diagonal from me, so I could see :P]. Being the stationery obsessed-freak that I am (heheh), I wanted one too. So I got a really cheap monthly planner. I tried filling it out but I didn't have as many duties/obligations as she did. So that failed ^_^;;;

A year later, it was my first year at college and all the assignments and due dates overwhelmed me! So I picked up a student planner from the University's store. I had seen a bunch of other students with them, I thought "I need to try that too!". It helped a bit but I kept forgetting to fill it out and just wrote due dates on my class notes -_-; 

I believe it was 4 years ago (?). I had been a member of Livejournal and they started having Communities. On the front page after you logged in, LJ posted a thing where they feature Communities. One of them was the Organizers community [The most recent entries are only viewable to members in the group]. Members posted their week's entries. It was fascinating! Some of them made them so beautiful and etc etc. Like I said, being the stationery-nerd that I am... I was ITCHING for a planner! 

By this time, I was out of school (because we moved here) and was working a full-time job with nothing else except I was really  into my art/drawing comics. But I didn't care! I wanted a planner! ^_^;

Most of the members of that group posted Moleskines. I thought it was too plain so I looked everywhere for the perfect planner for me. I found one in the local Sanrio store. It was a Kuromi planner. I loved the layout. But I got tired of it really fast. I filled it with my art "duties". [example: Pencil page 12 of my comic; Ink page 11] 

For the next few years I would go through different planners, mostly bound ones. Mostly: Sanrio or Moleskine. I did find some adorable Korean planners. In fact, the site that sold them sold them for CHEAP so I ordered a BUNCH (I believe I ordered 8 at that time). <--The site is gone now and most of them have been used with the exception of one of my planners. I gave a few of them away too. The only planner I have left and hasn't been used is the Alphonse Mucha one. I couldn't bear to use it. I think I've had that planner for 3 years now...

I stopped getting the Sanrio planners. I didn't like their layouts. The only layout I really liked was the Kuromi one that I got a long time ago. I purchased two other Sanrio ones but I didn't like them any more. So I stuck with Moleskine for awhile. 

I only discovered Filofax recently. I was watching a YouTube video. A "What's in my bag?" video and she pulled out a Filofax. After that, I was still meh about them. I couldn't understand what was so great about loose-leaf-type planners/binders. 

If you've read this blog (not like it's very interesting :D), you'll know that my parents (whom I live with) had left to San Francisco for a few months. My Dad's a contractor and they were working on my uncle's house. Anyway, during this time; I found that my Moleskine wasn't working [I was using the Weekly + Notes]. I had extra duties/chores/errands I had to do. 

I went to Barnes & Noble and bought a daily planner. I didn't make it fancy or anything [no decorations... just scribbles]... After a month of that... I wanted to make my planner pretty :(

Then I found a few other videos on Filofax setups. After that, I was hooked. I had to get my own. I watched more videos and when I found out they were having their 60% off sale; that was when I promptly purchased my Pocket Finsbury. ^_^;

Yep, there goes the uninteresting tale of how I came to use the planners. Although, the ending was kind of abrupt. 

Here are my fave planners that I've used (not in any order)
Moleskine Pocket Daily Planner
Kuromi Weekly Planner
Moleskine Weekly + Notes Planner
Filofax (hehe)

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