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Saturday, March 9, 2013

03.09.13 - Obsessed much?

Oh dear, what have I done? :P

While looking through YouTube Filofax videos, I came across someone posting about their Personal Amazina in Almond. Andi thought it was the most beautiful ever!!! I had to have it (this was a month ago btw) but it was discontinued and I couldn't find it :(

I looked on EBay and still couldn't find it. I decided to forget about it and to just get the Personal Metropol in lavender.

Anyway, after I got my Metropol; I kept seeing posts about the Amazona and it was driving me crazy.

A few days ago I found one on eBay. So I bid on it but lost *cries*. yesterday I see that someone else posted it and this time they had a buy it now option. mwahaha! you bet your arse I got it! well,... I have to pay for it once I get home from work (where I am now lol). The seller lives in California too (a few hours away) so it won't take Long for it to arrive! Im so excited

But you're like what? another one?! As much as I love my pocket Finsbury... I've found that since I'll be starting my real estate courses that the pocket won't fit my lists :( We'll see though. And I know you're probably asking 'well what about your Metropol?'

I've already designated it as a business/finance binder. it's all laid out already I just have to fill it in.

Anyway, my lunch break is over...

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