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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

03.13.13 - Online Business Tabs

This post is for Niaka from the Philofaxy FB Group who wanted to see how I set up my Filofax for my online business.  Please note, it's not finished yet; I'm slowly working on it but this is how I wanted it set up. 

If you didn't know, I started up a mineral makeup (mostly eyeshadows right now) company. It's really small but I have fun doing it :)

Sorry for the first two photos >_>; I forgot this thing called a "flash". I used my Metropol in Personal-size. Half of the binder is used for Finances, Lists, and etc. My business isn't big enough that I need to use a complete Filofax (hehee! See how I didn't mention any other binder/planner!? :P) for it. 

Here's a quick, horribly shot overview of all of my tabs. I used all the dividers (Including the A-Z ones). I used 3 different colored labels:
Black for the main sections
Pink and Green for sub-sections

All of the main sections, I've included top tabs too (not photographed). Anyway, I ramble
From L-R:
I+T A 
w/ Sub Sections: Inventory, Supplies, Lists, and Log
w/ Sub Sections: IOU and TOTALS
w/ Sub Sections: Bills, Shopping, and Social
w/ Sub Sections: Entertainment, Fashion/Beauty, Art, Comics & Blogs

 But, we'll be talking about the I+T A section today. 

 Directly after the I+T A divider/tab, I put some Address sheets in for websites for the suppliers I use.

For the INVENTORY section, I list out my Out of Stock items (whoops! This sheet, in the photo, is in the wrong section!) so that I can re-stock.

 The LISTS section is used to keep track of what colors I have and what I've discontinued in case my customers would like me to bring them back. 
 SUPPLIES - I have two separate lists for this section. One is for Ingredients (like in this photo) and the other one is for packaging. 

 The LOG is my tracking # (shipping) and invoice log. 
 I made the log myself... It needs to be re-done ^_^; But I'll use these up first.
I don't know if you can see it. From L-R:
Order Date, Invoice # (I plan on adding customer name too), Tracking #, Ship Date, and Ship Amount (I'd like to know how much I spend on shipping).

I hope that helps. It's not a giant binder full of stuff, but it does help me ^_^; 

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