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Thursday, March 14, 2013

03.14.13 - Planners I've used...

Hehe! Seems like this blog is starting to be only about planners ;) 

Most of the time, I save my planners. But I went on a cleaning spree a few months ago (totally forgot until I was looking for my planners to post up). These are the oldest-most recent planners I've used/have before switching out to the Filofax. PICTURE HEAVY!

I believe I've mentioned before but I used to be a HUGE anime/manga fan! This was an omake (-aka- an extra) that you had to fill out a postcard to send away for. My friend got this for me. ^_^; This is my oldest planner I have now. I've moved all the dividers to my Filofax Pocket Finsbury and some of the sheets are in there too. 

What it looks like on the inside. 

It included a sticker book (a bunch of stickers, sheets for the planner) and this cute little mirror

Here's that Korean planner I mentioned before.

The dividers had different designs

Here are the WEEKLY sheets

MONTHLY sheets


The back. The sticker book was not included, I just added it in there.

This is the last Sanrio planner I purchased. It was about 2 years ago?

There's a zip-envelope that I never used because I forgot about it and sticker tabs that I also never used. I think I'll have to tear them out...

Stickers and Tabs..

An example of the Monthly.... I used this to keep track of bills

Weekly... I didn't like this format so I didn't use this planner for long. And yes, this was the year that I had to work ON Thanksgiving 1130pm until Black Friday 11pm. <--Fun times (NOT!)


More Notes...

The Back...

I used a WEEK + NOTES Moleskine before this planner but I tossed it already. I have no idea why I kept this one. Since the parents went back to SF for awhile, I found I had more chores and errands to do. My Moleskine didn't work because it was too small. So I got this Daily planner from Barnes & Noble. I didn't make it fancy or anything.
This was the planner that made me start using the Yearly Plan for the discount codes for my store...

Taa daa! The Daily...

Near the bank, there's a few monthly sheets for the remaining months after the Daily ends.

Before I got the Filofaxes, I used this. 

Too small to write coupon codes in :/

MONTHLY! I think this was the cutest page I ever "decorated". 

Weekly...I didn't really like this format. I don't know why...


I purchased this planner (what's that splotch on the cover!?) with the one from above. I was planning on using this one after the Momoi (look above) one. Then I found the Filofaxes. This planner is quite plain...but I like it.

Year at a glance...


Weekly + Notes


Info and the inside back cover. Has an envelope for stuffs

This was the Alphonse Mucha planner I got a few years ago but couldn't bear to use because it's so beautiful. This is the front of the box...

Inside flap

Vinyl sleep with three different designs to change up the cover...

Design #2
Design #3

Inside the vinyl sleeve is this planner.

Some info about Mucha

Personal Info page
It came with 4 sheets of stickers...
Second set of stickers...

I decided to change it to this cover :P

Yearly Plan

Mucha's art is sprinkled all over...

All Monthly pages have different artwork
See? :P
Weekly... Also has different artwork

You can use this part as a scrapbook! ^_^;

Anyway. That's all. I'm about to fall asleep.


  1. Love the Mucha! If I had one I wouldn't write in it either.

    1. I know, right!? I can't find it any more either :(