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Thursday, March 14, 2013

03.14.13 - Filofax Amazona in Almond and life and such

It's strange how certain things make you check your tracking number every five minutes. I have many obsessions and the Filofaxes have made me stalk my tracking numbers constantly. I don't know what it is about these things but...

Anyway, I don't remember if I mentioned before but I'm taking real estate courses (online/correspondence courses. Recommended by the California Dept. of Real Estate)...  Anyway, my Pocket Finsbury was starting to feel a little cramped because of the classes. So, I started looking on eBay for personal sized ones. Sure, I have my Personal Metropol, but I've already designated it as something else already.

I don't know why I started looking at the Amazona and the Osterley. I couldn't decide... but I know for sure I really wanted the Amazona in Almond. After losing an auction for one, I gave up for a few days and looked at different ones (not an Amazona or an Osterley :P).

Out of pure luck, I found another Amazona in Almond on eBay. The seller did an auction and had a buy it now option. You bet your butt I did the Buy it Now. It was cheaper than what I would've paid in that auction that I had lost!!!

The seller, Karina, is also in the Philofaxers FB group. I wasn't sure if it was her, but when she messaged me, I knew it was her. Anyway, she sent me many progress reports and photos and kept getting me all hyped up and excited about it. ^_^; Unfortunately, I purchased it over the weekend so I had to wait. Why does it seem like I always get them over the weekend? :P

 On the day it arrived (yesterday), I kept checking my tracking number and it never said "DELIVERED". I was getting frustrated and just went to my PO BOX and there it was!!! YAY!

Once I got home, I literally ripped the package open ^_^;;

 It came in an actual box, not like how my Finsbury or Metropol was a cardboard sleeve. This was an actual box. ^_^ It felt all fancy-like.

 She included some extras and a cute little note :)

 It's funny that I was just thinking of getting those arrows recently, now I don't have to! Mwahaha! 

 Isn't she GORGEOUSSSS!?!?!? *faints from the beauty* 

 Inside (ish) 
 Week on two pages... Since it didn't come with Monthly sheets; I'm ordering them off of  KiddyQualia from Etsy.  I decided to keep this one non-bright. The monthly pages I ordered are going to be light blue. The weekly pages are cotton cream so they're thicker than the normal Filofax pages. 

The back has a zippered pocket. YAY

I'm going to be moving into it soon. I've already started (a bit). I really do love my Pocket Finsbury. I think it's the perfect size for me but... because it didn't fit my needs... ;__; I'll try my best with the Amazona


Work. I just found out (literally, 30 minutes ago) that the top supervisor in my department has left to a different department. What does that mean? That means... I'll be the top supervisor in my department and that scares me!!! I didn't mind being the next one up, but not the top one! [I don't know if they're going to promote me or not... but because of my position; I'm the top supervisor].

Anyway, I'm trying to get into the habit of studying. I haven't gone to school or studied for anything in over 8 years. The last few days I've tried to read/study for at least 2 hours. I've also brought my book to work. But it's hard to do it there because of so many distractions. 

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