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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

03.19.13 - Setting up the Personal Amazona (in Almond)

I've been slowly setting up my Amazona (not as slowly as setting up my Metropol, lol). Mostly because I wanted to finish the week using my Finsbury (Moving from a Pocket Finsbury to the Personal Amazona). So here are some photos...

 My gorgeous Amazona (in Almond!!!!) that I won on eBay. There is a small blue ink mark but it's so small I barely noticed it. I wonder how I can get rid of it though :P This is in bad lighting -_-; It looks like it's going to rain...
 True to color. Took this photo with a flash.

 Honestly, I thought the Amazonas were made out of a stiff leather. I mean, if you look at it...doesn't it look stiff!? Even the inside! Nope! It's soft, supple, and SQUISHY ^_^;;;

On the inside cover, there's a pocket that I keep stickers in. There are also five card slots which I haven't used yet. I don't know if I'll try to use this as my wallet... I might because carrying this and a wallet will take up too much room. 

 This didn't come with a flyleaf. When I first watched the videos on Filofaxes, I had wondered what was so great about the flyleaves. Well! When It didn't come with one, I was quite sad. :P So I took it out of my Metropol (temporary move!) and stuck a post-it note on it on what I'd like to purchase for the Amazona

Oh, the only things I found stiff were the pen loops. This photo shows my Pilot Hi-tec-C pen.
 I copied the same tabs I had in my Finsbury:
L-R: Monthly, Diary, I+T A (my online store)

 L-R: (after I+T A) Blog, Shopping, and Contacts

I know a lot of people don't keep Contacts in their planners. I do it only because I change cellphones OFTEN. (or at least, I used to but this habit stuck -->) Every 6 months, I would go through my cellphone contacts and update my list. Usually, when I switch cellphones... none of the numbers would be saved and it's a pain in the butt. Especially since a lot of the contacts are work-related. 

Right now, there's nothing in the Monthly, I+T A, and Contacts tabs. I haven't filled them out them out yet. The Monthly, I'm waiting on my KiddyQualia order [which should arrive in a few days! YAY!]

So, I'll just be showing you my Diary set up.
 I really like looking at decorated pages but I can't seem to do them :( I tried (as you can see in this photo). This was when I copied things from the Finsbury to the Amazona

A whole new week. I haven't finished the other half of the week yet. The first thing I always put in would be my work schedule. (That's what the folded sheet of paper is. I keep it in case someone needs to switch schedules or the other supervisors call and ask what time they work... They always seem to call ME :P) If I know I need to do something for the week, then I'll write it in. But they usually get filled in daily. As you can see, I was playing with color. Lol.

I hope transitioning into the Amazona will be easy. I'm the type of person that doesn't like change (sad, isn't it? ;P) which is probably why I'm really attached to my Finsbury. But, RAWR! I'll make this work! This is my dream Filofax!!!!

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