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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03.26.13 - Personal Amazona Set-Up

It's Spring! We were given these GIANT pots of flowers last year. Once the flowers died, we didn't think they would bloom again, but we kept the pots just in case. But here they are blooming! I don't know what these flowers are called but they grow out of the leaves (I can't explain it). O_O; They're gorgeous. I did some macro shots with my camera...

 Love this photo! I'm thinking of printing it out with my Polaroid Pogo and putting it in my Filofax.

 As the title says, I've finally set-up my Personal Amazona (in almond). I've copied the tabs from my Pocket Finsbury, so it'd be an easier transition to the personal sized one.

 Opened! The two pen loops are being occupied by (left) a Limited Edition Majolica Majorca [Japanese Cosmetics brand] 5-color pen. I know I've said that I don't like using ballpoint pens and usually the multi-colored pens are ballpoints, this one isn't. It's a refillable gel pen. I'll do a post on the pens soon ^_^;. On the right is a Pilot Hi-tec-C pen in light blue. And next to it (out of a pen loop) is another Majolica Majorca pen... 

I've been lazy and not using my wallet, so I stuffed my Driver's License, my Debit card, and my Paypal card in the card slots. As I've said before, the leather is very soft and it's easy to take out the cards. 

Inside the flap (secretarial pocket?), I've placed stickers I want to use up. I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan but I keep getting (from people as gifts) Hello Kitty stickers >_>;  

 When I bought this planner off of eBay, it didn't come with a flyleaf. So sad. I never realized how much I needed/used it until I got this planner that didn't have it. ^_^; So I took it out of my Metropol (I won't use it in there) and am using it as a dashboard. I have some sticky notes and a memo sheet (<--the Little Angel one) stuck on there with washi tape. The "toast" sticky note isn't very sticky, so I stuck it on with washi tape too.

They're just reminders for what I needed done (Doesn't have to be done ASAP, but I had nowhere else to put it, so I put it on the dashboard :P)

 Also had some mini sticker sheets that were already hole-punched / I had to punch them. I got most of them from Michael's but one sheet was gifted to me by the seller of the Amazona. ^_^

My tabs... I used my label maker (which I love and am almost out of black tape ;( ) to create the tabs. Not pictured are the top tabs I made (same tabs). I took these photos a day before I made them. 

 My first section is the Monthly section. It didn't come with monthly sheets, so I purchased these from KiddyQualia.  Instead of using the super bright ones like I've purchased before, I was inspired by PaperLoveStory's light blue paper that she uses in her planner...

 I use the Monthly sheets for bill tracking. 

The next section is the Diary section.

 I was testing out layout and color (and decorating :P) last week... I forgot that I could use the ruler to make straight lines, so my lines were jagged LOL.

 The start of this week. (Some days have been filled out already... Like I said, I took these photos a day before I worked on this week. I normally input my work schedule first, then fill in as the days go by.

 I+T A section comes next. It's for my online store. I mainly list what needs to be done and inspirations or whatever. The Metropol has more of an extensive list of things that need to be done for my store. 

 I love how these next few pages look...
 The washi tape was on sale at Michael's. I didn't buy a lot... Since there wasn't a lot to choose from. 

 Blog section comes next. These are the posts (for a different blog; the one for THIS blog is on the next page but I didn't include a photo, LOL) I'd like to do...

 Shopping - Like it says, things I'm waiting for in the mail :P

 Also includes a list of items I use all the time...

 Contacts list. Most of these contacts are work-related. I used the Filofax ruled sheets that came with the planner. 

Close-ups of my pens.  
Love these pens!!! 
 Obligatory closed shot. ^_^;

 From the top (minus my new top tabs)


So, here's the thing. Maybe I over-hyped it.... or I don't know. Before I purchased it, I really wanted it and was in love with it. After a few weeks of owning the Amazona in almond... I'm not attached to it. I'm very attached to my Pocket Finsbury and Personal Metropol. But I don't know why this one isn't working. I told some of my friends that I thought it looked like old bones and keep thinking of that. -_-; I don't know why. 

My dilemna, I might... MIGHT be selling it. I'm not sure yet. I'm going to give it another two weeks. If I still can't get attached to it... I'll sell it. I might do it through Adspot on Philofaxy or eBay. I haven't decided yet. I have been eyeing (like a mad-woman) the Osterley in grey(gray?), also personal-sized. Ahhhh! I don't know! *brainfarts* X_x;

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