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Thursday, April 11, 2013

04.11.13 - Allergies, go away!

No photos in this post, as this is a boring life update ^_^;

It's funny how allergies work. When I lived in SF, I had no allergies. When I lived in Chico, my allergies were bugging me a tiny bit. When I moved here, it was the same as in Chico. It bugged me a bit, sometimes itchy eyes and an itchy nose... but this year... OMG! -_-; My allergies are really bad! My eyes are so itchy, dry, or watery; I've been sneezing a billion times. The weather isn't really helping it's been super windy and it's hot too, so my windows are opened. 


Work has been crazy. We have enough people to help with our lines and etc but we don't have the labor to schedule them to work. Because of this, all the supervisors have to ring up. Now that they've changed the "Dept Sup. in Charge" duties, it kind of helps so that we don't have to stand behind the counter all day as customer scream at us for not helping them. Now, we don't have anyone behind the counter and all the supervisors are ringing up. 

It's really difficult too because they got rid of the Returns' Associates, so OUR cashiers have to go to Returns. It really sucks when we have a line and Returns has a line... :/ We're constantly getting screamed and yelled at for more cashiers, but it can't be helped. The sales people on the floor, can't ring up, and they're like us... scheduled thin.

I think it's so ironic that if there are big lines in supermarkets or ... Walmart (or something) no one complains. But in our store, we, literally, get screamed at. 

It's been extremely stressful for three of the supervisors. During my Dept Mgr's vacation; the store manager called those supervisors into the office and told them that their positions were eliminated. It's not because it's them but because of the positions. It really sucks because these three supervisors work the hardest. They were stressing so much and they didn't know what to do. 

Last week, we found out about what's going to happen to two of them. Because they can't be part-time (they need the benefits/hours); they're going to be demoted back to cashiers. There were rumors that Jenn was going to sales because of her experience. But she didn't want to do sales.

Apparently our Dept Mgr talked to Jenn on Tuesday about what's going to happen to her and it's good news for both me and her. She's staying as a full-time supervisor. Yay! Wait, but how is that possible when there's not really any room for supervisors? She's not going to part-time... Was someone getting fired?

Nope, they're moving me up! (FINALLY!) To that position I was supposed to get before M stole it away! And Jenn's taking my position! Yay! That's good! Though, I don't think the other supervisors will be happy about it. But, she knows a lot more than the others and she's been supervisor longer than all of us! (Including me!) It's supposed to start next week... PLUS, our hours are going to be really weird. Apparently, there's only one opener (no surprise), one mid-shift person, and one closer. O_o; Hmm... I wonder how the one closer thing is gonna work...

As for the Filofax obsession. No worries, I'm still obsessed with them. I'll be doing some posts on them soon ;)

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