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Thursday, April 11, 2013

04.11.013 - First Order

My friend, April, and I were talking about doing a combined order to Jet Pens for awhile but never actually did it. Finally, we did. Lol. 

By that time I didn't know what to get and I remembered the limited edition Majolica Majorca pens that I had randomly seen. If you didn't know Majolica Majorca is a Japanese cosmetics' brand and their packaging is always so beautiful. 
That's what I ordered. I ordered all of the singles and one of the multi-pen. Turns out that the singles are refills for the multi. But you could still use the singles by themselves.

Look at that beautiful packaging!

 Five of the multi-colored refills are in the multi. I don't know why I chose the blue and yellow multi one, I think it just called to me ^_^;

 Taa daa! They're easy to insert and to take out. 

 Took out the black one. This is what it looks like out of single and the multi-pen. 

This is what the multi-pen looks like without the refills.

 I left the red one in the single ... It's so lonely. Lol

The pens themselves are a fine point and I thought these were actually ballpoint pens since I'm used to seeing multi-pens be ballpoints. They write very smoothly. I must say, I really love these pens and they kind of remind me of the Hi-tec C pens. I put the multi in my planner for easy access ^_^

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